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1. General
2. Rules
3. Technical
4. Statistics

General questions

What is Jok-R-ummy?

Jok-R-ummy ® is a board game designed in Quebec by Jennick Games inc and is a variation of rummy. As many will tell you, Jok-R-ummy is the perfect pastime to liven up reunions with family and friends. There is no need to be an expert at games to appreciate Jok-R-ummy! Children and adults can gather around to play. To learn more about Jok-R-ummy, or to get your copy of the board game, visit

What is the objective?

To complete 7 program cards. In Jok-R-ummy, there is no complicated counting of points. Each program card contains one or more programs that could be considered as challenges. They can be straights, three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, etc. The first player to achieve 7 program cards wins the game. You can learn the rules by playing our online tutorial: from the main website, click on the "Learn the game" card.

Questions about rules

What are the differences between Classic and Adventure?

Classic games play like the real Jok-R-ummy. A deck of 63 program cards is shared among the players. Classic games are available to Premium members only.

Adventure games are available to both Regular and Premium members. After creating your account, you get access to 7 program cards that you can use in Adventure games. As you play, you collect stars that you can exchange for more program cards up to a maximum of 32. In other words, every player has his/her own pile of program cards while playing in Adventure mode.

Is Adventure mode limited to 32 cards?

You can unlock 4 additional cards to a maximum of 36, by referring friends to the game. For each one of your friends who enters your username as a referrer during their registration, you will get 1 of the 4 extra program cards. Here is the procedure: to the question Where did you learn about our site? - your friend must answer A friend told me about it, then, he must type your username (the referrer) in the field next to the star. Your friend must then activate his account before you obtain the extra card.

How can I finish my program card?

First, click on your program card in the lower left corner of the screen. A new window will open and inside it, you will see which programs must be done. Drag you cards from your hand to that window and onto the appropriate spaces for the cards.

A red "X" appeared after I placed the last card of my program. Why?

Here are possible reasons: does your program have imposed values or an imposed kind? If your program is a straight, you must place the cards in ascending order. Also, don't forget that you cannot complete a program by using only wild cards.

I completed my program card... now I don't know what to do.

You have 3 options. 1) Make new Three-of-a-kinds with the remaining cards, or 2) add one card to a group of the same kind that is already on the table, or 3) add one card before or after a straight that is already on the table. Repeat until you have no more cards left in your hand :-)

How does the "make 3-of-a-kind" button work?

The button becomes available once you have completed your programs and have put in order 3 cards of the same value in your hand. By clicking the button, 3-of-a-kinds without a wild card will be layed down first, then the ones with wild cards. Be careful to not insert a wild card in the middle of a 3-of-a-kind, for instance 7-7-2-7, as this will produce 7-7-2 and not 7-7-7.

Technical questions

What are the requirements to play Jok-R-ummy online?

You must have PC or Mac and a browser that supports Flash player.

When will you port the game to Android? IPad? mobile? when will you integrate the game into Facebook?

When time and resources allow us.

I encountered a problem with the game.

Write to and provide us with information that will help address the issue:

Question about statistics

Under what conditions do stats evolve during a game?

Points, rounds played, program cards completed and emptied hands will change at the end of the game according to what you accomplished during the game, even if you played only temporarily or as a substitute player. Other stats, like wins and losses, require that you be one of the original players in the game (not a substitute player) to evolve. The same goes for "players met and defeated" stats.

How is the player's rating established?

Many things are taken into account, like wins and losses and the number of players involved in your games.

How is the score calculated?

You get points when you finish your program cards, empty you hand or win a game. You also get points when your opponents accomplish the same actions.

How can I qualify for the leaderboards?

You enter the boards as soon as your stats allow you to take a spot among the 11 best players of the displayed category. Only the players who have logged in during the last week will be eligible.